Wine Cellar / Bottling Room

tanksWine Cellar

The Wine Cellar situated directly under the winery is active most of the year. The busiest time, of course, is our crush season between the middle of August through October. Once the grapes have been harvested and brought to the back of the cellar, the ‘crushing floor’ as we call it, the wine making process in the cellar begins. The cellar houses fiberglass tanks ranging from 250, 550 and 1100 gallon tanks. The current cellar capacity is 14,000 gallons. From the crush to yeast inoculation, fermenting, racking, filtering, blending, cold stabilization and bottling, the winery staff is kept busy year-round.

      Bottling Room

Since opening in 1984, our bottling facility has moved three times. Once being housed in the top of the winery, it moved to the wine cellar and more recently   in to the our packing barn. Through the years, our wine production has grown from hundreds to 10,000 – 12,000 gallons annually. Bottling at Four Sisters Winery is a hands on process with five to six positions. The six person bottling crew can bottle approximately 100 gallons in just under an hour and has bottled up to over 800 gallons in a day. Four Sisters Winery uses six wine bottle styles using green and clear sized at 375, 500 and 750 ml bottles.