Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for an amazing evening and event. K Burgess

Loved it, will come back anytime. S Jones

Surprised my husband for Fathers Day.He told us it was his best Fathers Day ever.The band was very good, played a little bit of everything.The food was very tasty.We went back for seconds.The pig was soft and tender and the baked beans were delicious.Most of the wine is sweet but there were dry wines to suit everyones taste.Took a tour of the wine cellar which we found the tour very interesting.The whole day was a fun laid back atmosphere.The cake was tasty at the end of the day.We also enjoyed the wine tasting.Over all we really had a great time.We will definitely be back for Fathers Day next year and will be going to the apple and wine tasting in September and Octobers activities.The staff were very nice and pleasant.I give this place a thumbs up. The $30.00 for this event was worth it.  Autumn, Union, NJ

Loved it, will recommend to friends. Thx. Y. Solivan

Very nice place, tour guide was very informative. D Sullivan

I really enjoyed the day. The food was out of this world and the wine blew me away. I just had a marvelous day. Learned so many things about wine! Thank you, I’ll never forget. Sylvia

So nice to have something so close to home. Enjoyed so much. B Smith

Loved it, friendly people, great musicians! S. DiBella

Thank you! Great Birthday for me today. R & M London

Beautiful place, awesome wine! R Bryant

My family and I have visited Four Sisters Winery on 6 separate occasions and have had a wonderful experience each time. It truly is a little gem in NJ – and we are happy to make the stop on our way to visit my in-laws who moved out that way 4 years ago. Not only is the wine-tasting enjoyable, the location is breathtaking – as it is situated in a valley with lots of wide open space around. I’ve actually got a photo of the winery in my office and my colleagues are always asking where it is because it is so beautiful. Each time we visited, the staff has greeted us with a warm welcome and has been eager to serve us. On this last visit, we purchased a case of varied wines to have on hand. In turn, I was happy to share a couple of bottles at our last office happy hour gathering for tapas and they were received well. Thank you so much, Four Sisters, for being a welcoming stop on our long drive (and a nice way to break the ice with the folks from the office). We plan to continue this stop for years to come. Lily, Stanford Conn

Enjoyed! The first white I’ve ever liked! (dry) D Brunetta

Very Friendly and great service! Happy Thanksgiving! D Youngman

Good Wine! Buy a case every year. K Allen

Wonderful service and experience. C Semonche

Loved being able to taste first. C Peisel

Thanks for making our day special!! We can’t thank you enough! All the best!  Jen & Will