Fruit Wines

Cherry Melissa

(semi-sweet) A blend of sour cherries perfectly balances with the sweetness of this wine.

Strawberry Serena

(sweet) Bursting with strawberry natural flavor, this aromatic wine is best as an after-dinner wine or served with desserts.

Robin’s Raspberry

(semi-sweet) Expressive is the best way to describe this tart, yet sweet wine with robust flavor.

Sadie’s Apple

(semi-sweet) A crisp Granny Smith bouquet with a smooth baked apple finish produced from our late harvest apples.

Spicy Sisters

(semi-sweet) A spiced apple wine with hints of cinnamon and cloves that can be enjoyed chilled, warmed, or at room temperature.

Mia’s Blueberry

(semi-sweet) Vibrant in color, this wine has the lush taste of wild blueberries. Named in honor of Matty’s granddaughter.