White Wines

Seyval Reserve

(dry) A complex wine enhanced by light oak aging; often thought of as the Chardonnay of the east.

Seyval Blanc

(dry) Aromas of citrus fruits extends throughout the flavor of this wine, finishing crisp but smooth.

Vidal Blanc

(dry) A well balanced wine with a fruity aroma and a crisp, tart finish.


(dry) A wine with flowery aromas and flavors with a soft black-peppercorn finish.


(semi-dry) Lovely sun yellow reflections with a fragrant bouquet and a rich palate of fruit sweetness balanced with the tartness of its Gewurztraminer parentage.

Warren Hills White

(semi-sweet) A light bodied wine with elegant flavors, a silky texture and subtle aromas.


(sweet) Exceptionally fruity, grapey, sweet, and delicious. This wine sparks childhood memories of eating grapes off the vine.


(super-sweet) A white wine balanced by the natural acidity from the Delaware grape. Named after Matty’s grandmother.