Red Wines

Warren Hills Red

(dry) Rich burgundy color with earthy aromas, this wine opens to vivid fruit flavors.

Papa’s Red

(dry) A blend of red grapes provide a sun-dried raisin bouquet with a lingering Chianti-like finish


(dry) Fruity aromas of cherries and blackberries offer contrast to the dry finish, giving complexity to this flavorful wine.

Chambourcin Reserve

(dry, oak aged) – Opens with aromas of vanilla and berries, this wine is smooth, complex, and full-bodied.

Leon Millot

(dry) Red wine with robust aroma and an abundance of complex fruit character. Great with roasts, pasta, and seasoned dishes.

Leon Millot Reserve

(dry) Aged in oak, this dry red wine features a flavorful aroma, ruby red color and a wonderful oak finish. Great with steaks, pasta, or pork.

Beaver Creek Red

(sweet) Foxy with candy apple-like flavor. This wine is made from the Concord grape and a best seller at the winery.

Holiday Seasoned

(sweet) Spicy with hints of cinnamon, cloves, & nutmeg. Can be served chilled, room temperature, or warmed