Upcoming Murders for 2022

January 16th, 1-4pm

$45 per person plus tax



Reservations required.
Book early as this event will sell out every time.

Please call the winery at 908-475-3671 for tickets.

Murder Mystery Dinner 2022

2022 Murder Mystery Dates Now being booked!  Call early to reserve your seat as these events sell out!

It’s not a typical who done it….It’s the guests in the audience that create a witty, weaving story line. As the plot thickens, the victim falls prey and the detectives investigate with deductive reasoning to reveal the murderer.

Formal wine tasting, delicious Chicken Parmigana dinner with roasted veggies, salad, bread and dessert.  .  $45 per person plus tax.

2022 Scheduled Dates:

January 16th 1-4pm, 2021, February 13th, 1-4pm, March 20th 1-4pm, April 10th 1-4pm.  May 1st. 4-7pm.

June 5th 4-7pm, July 17th, 4-7pm, August 7th, 4-7pm, September 11th, 4-7pm, October 2nd 4-7pm.

November 13th, 1-4pm,December 11th, 1-4pm. 

Reserve early as most events sell out.



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