valerieValerie Tishuk, who has done everything from Office Administrator, Events Planner and General Manager has been with the winery for 25 years. As Matty’s right-hand woman, she is currently administrator office manager and event coordinator. She has played an important role in the growth of the winery. A native of the Belvidere area, she shares a farm background, and was raised on her parent’s farm in Harmony. She is on the local township Open Space, Farmland Preservation and Agricultural Advisory Committees and is a member of the Garden State Wine Growers Association. Under her direction the winery has prospered for all 25 years she has been with us.

Kate Nelson, who is relatively new at Four Sisters Winery having started in February of 2015 has recently been promoted to our Retail Sales Manager. Her fast learning and past history of running a business have made it easy to make this promotion. She is responsible for all activities related to our retail sales including products, displays as well as directing our retail staff. Kate has been in the retail business since 1996 when she was the owner, buyer and manager of a retail store. She has worked previously for a number of companies where she has had the opportunity to travel to both Italy and France where her taste for fine wines were developed. She has extensive wine knowledge and along with her retail skills is a very important member of our Four Sisters Winery team.

Marta Piotrowiczk, our new official winemaker has been with us almost two years and was recently promoted from assistant winemaker to an official winemaker at the winery. Together we promise to create the best wines we can. Marta spent three years prior to coming to FSW working part time at other wineries in both the finger lakes of NY and the Philadelphia region. She worked mostly in tastings at those other locations but found her true love when she saw the opportunity to become an assistant winemaker at FSW. Learning quickly not only from Matty but from prior winemakers at Four Sisters and other fellow winemakers at Unionville and Laurita she has become an excellent winemaker. Her dabbing into Hard Cider has provided yet another unique opportunity for FSW and we look forward to her new creations as we begin the first harvest under her direction.


Our winery associates are involved in various aspects of the business. We strive to maintain a happy, friendly and helpful team who love serving people. We believe we have one of the best teams we have ever had so please welcome them on your next visit.

Currently our team consists of  Ryan, Stephanie, Cheryl, Tracy, April and Jenn who are regulars on weekends and weekdays at the winery and are here to help you have a better understanding of the process of making and enjoying wine. All of my staff are dedicated to the wine business and are here to serve you.